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26th Aug 2021

People think they’ve found Dublin’s Danny DeVito look-alike

The gang gets a lookalike.

News broke yesterday that delighted all It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans across the country – they’re filming in Ireland.

Just like every other celebrity at the moment, the sitcom is set to start filming over the weekend and they’re urgently looking for a Danny DeVito body double.

Obviously, Danny is one of a kind so this was set to be a big ask regardless but it wasn’t stopping Irish fans from hopping on social media with immediate suggestions – it was like they’d waited their whole lives for this.

It wasn’t long before one Instagram account was circling social media, that of a man who calls himself “Danny Dublin DeVito.”

Looking exactly like the real thing, this chap has the same hair, height and stature as the actor, and fans of the show are begging for him to be cast as the body double.


Another commented: “Hope they get in touch, I’ve left ur insta link on enough pages today.”

“It will be a crime not to cast you,” a third said, while another added: “There’s no scenario where you shouldn’t get this job.”

While the Dubliner was a first pick for many, he wasn’t the only shorter man in the public eye that many thought of first when it came to casting this role.

A lot of people immediately jumped to the idea of President Michael D. Higgins taking on the role and look, we’re not against it.

One person on Twitter said: “They need a body double for Danny DeVito in Dublin this Sunday? Paging Miggeldy Higgins, paging Miggledy Higgins.”

Another added: “Surely they can just use Michael D. Higgins.”

While the President is yet to show any interest in taking part, Dublin Danny DeVito is all for it, reposting the casting call on his Instagram and saying: “I’ve cleared my schedule baby.”

This episode can’t come soon enough.