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05th Sep 2018

People think they caught Manon cheating on last night’s the Great British Bake Off

Ah, god.

GBBO‘s Manon is a seriously good baker.

This statement does not need to be explained or justified in any way – if you have watched any of all of the latest series of the show, you will know it to be true.

And last night’s instalment of the programme was no different as Manon showed that she was, indeed, one of the most proficient bakers in the tent.

Which makes sense too considering she appeared on another cooking show, BBC’s The Box, back in 2015.

Following her Star Baker win last week, viewers were quick to criticise the fact that Manon has clearly got more baking experiencing that the rest of the amateur bakers and that she might even be edging into expert territory.

That changed last night though when people, instead, began to accuse Manon of cheating to ensure that her chocolate set properly.

Grim enough.

Last night was cake week and seeing as GBBO is shot during the summer, it only makes sense then that things are bound to get pretty hot inside that tent… which is obviously an absolute hassle when it comes to trying to get chocolate to set.

And it was.


People struggled, cakes slide everywhere, sweat poured – it was a whole thing.

Manon wasn’t having any of it though so she decided to keep her show stopper in the acetate until it was being judged – something that none of the other contestants were doing.

Because, you know, you shouldn’t really be presenting your bake in a holder when it’s supposed to be finished.

Paul acknowledged the acetate asking Manon why it was still there, to which she responded: “It wasn’t set.”

Paul did a bit of a laugh and said, “Well it’s set now” and that was that.

To other people though, it wasn’t all that grand and they argued that Manon should not have been let off with leaving her acetate on so lightly.

They, understandably, took to Twitter to give out about the show (and the fact that Paul is so obsessed with Ruby it doesn’t really matter what she does).

We can probably go ahead and assume that they’ll all be watching again next week though.