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10th Jan 2017

The new Baywatch trailer shows the funnier side of the movie

We can't wait to see it.

Laura Holland

We can’t wait for this.

Fans of the ’90s show Baywatch will be happy with this trailer for the new movie. The first trailer gave more of the plot away but this latest one gives us a taste of the action and the humour that will come with the reboot.

The first trailer showed a completely new direction for the movie which didn’t resemble the TV show we knew and loved. It’s hard to replicate it and we wouldn’t want them to ruin it so we’re glad to see they’re taking a fresh approach.

In this new trailer, they also make reference to the slight deviation in the plot line which sees it as more of an action movie than anything else. Zac Efron’s clever questioning about their roles ties it up nicely.

Here it is: