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23rd Jun 2021

Netflix’s new dating show Sexy Beasts looks utterly bizarre – and we’re only dying to watch

Sarah McKenna Barry

Hook it to my veins.

When it comes to dating, we’re all familiar with the old adage “It’s what’s inside that counts.”

It seems that the folks over at Netflix agree. In fact, they’ve taken it to the next level with their brand new dating show Sexy Beasts.

Sexy Beasts will see a selected singleton use Hollywood-level prosthetics to disguise themselves as a wild animal for a series of dates with others in disguise. Once they’ve dated everyone, the singleton will decide who they’d like to continue dating. After they’ve made their choice, their true identities are revealed.

Sounds absolutely bizarre.

Netflix dropped the trailer earlier today, and we honestly cannot wait for it.

“No, you’re not hallucinating,” they tweeted. “SEXY  BEASTS is a new dating show that uses cutting edge prosthetics to put true blind chemistry to the test.

“On Netflix, 21 July.”

The streaming platform then shared a number of pictures of the daters in full animal get-up.

“The quote tweet function was truly built for this moment,” they added.

The trailer gives us a glimpse of what to expect from this series.

“Welcome to the strangest blind date ever,” a voice-over booms. “Could you fall in love with someone based on personality alone?”

In the clip, we see a panda chat baby plans with a bull, a smurf sits down with a werewolf and a shark goes bowling with a grasshopper.

The prosthetics are the creation of Kristyan Mallet, a Hollywood make-up artist who has worked on numerous films including Mission: Impossible and The Theory of Everything.

On top of that, the show will be narrated by none other than Catastrophe actor Rob Delaney.

The first season will be six episodes long, and yes, we’ll definitely be watching it all in one sitting.

Sexy Beast comes out on 21 July.