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13th Oct 2023

Netflix viewers brand new horror series a ‘masterpiece’

That's my Friday night sorted!

It is Friday the 13th after all…

We are officially into the swing of spooky season now, and with temperatures dipping everyday, you may want to cosy up and watch something a little more seasonal.

If horror is your thing, a new ‘sick and gory’ show dropped on Netflix yesterday (October 12th), and viewers are hailing it as a ‘masterpiece’ and almost as good as – if not better – than Mike Flanagan’s The Haunting of Hill House, which has a very respectable rating of 8.6 on IMDb (which, might I add, is an extremely high score when it comes to this genre).

The Fall of the House of Usher is the newest brainchild of Flanagan’s and it seems this eight-episode mini series is well on its way to earning its spot in the horror hall of fame.

Credit: IMDb

This new spooky series is loosely based on the short story written by Edgar Allan Poe and sees Carla Gugino and Kate Siegel (The Haunting of Hill House) reclaim their rightful place in the world of horror once again under the direction of Flanagan.

The official synopsis for The Fall of the House of Usher eerily introduces the plot:

“She’s coming for them all. In this wicked series from Mike Flanagan and based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe, ruthless siblings Roderick and Madeline Usher have built Fortunato Pharmaceuticals into an empire of wealth, privilege and power.

“But past secrets come to light when the heirs to the Usher dynasty start dying at the hands of a mysterious woman from their youth.”

The trailer invites viewers to witness the ‘Usher crime family’ who stands ‘stronger and darker than ever before’ as they do anything within their power to secure their fortune and future.

Other notable names attached to this series include Bruce Greenwood, Mary McDonnell, Henry Thomas, among many other talented forces.

After the release, fans rushed to social media to share their initial reactions, as well as to urge others to jump on this series immediately.

Judging by the reaction so far, we’re not going to want to sleep on this series, and we’re not going to be able to sleep after it either.


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