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30th Nov 2020

NASA “can’t wait” for Toy Show’s Adam to join their team

Melissa Carton

He stole everyone’s hearts last Friday.

The Late Late Toy Show was a huge success this year despite all of the Covid restrictions in place.

The show raised almost six million for children’s charities in Ireland and interviewed some incredible children.

Among those children was six-year-old Adam King who captured the nations’ heart with his ‘hug for you’ sign and his love of space.

Adam spoke on the annual Christmas show about how he would love to someday command a space mission for NASA.

Adam’s impact on the show was so great that people all over the country, and the world, shared his dream. It even made its way back to NASA themselves, who tweeted:

“Adam’s kind heart and adventurous spirit inspires us.

There’s space for everybody at NASA, and we can’t wait for him to one day join our team of dreamers. We’ll be here when he’s ready.”

Everyone in Ireland would love to see this happen for Adam. We’re just waiting for the day we see a picture of him holding up his virtual hug sign at the NASA space station.