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03rd Feb 2020

Margot Robbie on why she wants Poison Ivy in the next Harley Quinn movie

She sat down with us last week to discuss ALL.

Rory Cashin

The Birds Of Prey star revealed why it’s a relationship she wants to explore.

Without going into too much detail, during our re-introduction to Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), we find out that she had an ex-girlfriend, which sticks close to the comic book history of the character.

On top of that, there is a very interesting dynamic running between the movie’s villains Roman Sionis aka Black Mask (Ewan McGregor) and Victor Zsasz (Chris Messina), which could be interpreted in a number of ways.

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It does seem like Birds Of Prey is accomplishing a lot of “firsts” within the movie and with Robbie also an executive producer on the project, we wanted to know if this was something that she had deliberately set out to accomplish?

“A lot of the characters weren’t built around their sexuality, per se,” Robbie tells me.

“I mean, me personally, I’d love to do a Poison Ivy film because I love, in the comics, the Harley/Poison Ivy relationship. Some comics, it’s romantic, and in some comics, it’s just friendship. But either way, I’m fascinated by that and I love seeing them together in the comics. So that is my personal point of view.

“But in regards to Roman and Zsasz, it wasn’t written that they have a specific sexuality that comes into play in the narrative. But I think it was an idea that Roman is constantly manipulating his power over people, but also has a certain dependency on people.

“Harley doesn’t really have a romantic storyline, for once, in this film. It’s not about that, which is really fun. But I’m glad you picked up on that in the beginning [of the movie], because that I’d like to explore in the future.”

Check out our full chat with Robbie and Smollett-Bell below 

Birds Of Prey is released in Irish cinemas on Friday 7 February.

Clip via Warner Bros. UK