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06th Jul 2021

Marcel the Monkey’s trainer has been giving out about David Schwimmer

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Someone’s not happy.

Remember how disappointed we all were when David Schwimmer revealed that he actually hated working with Marcel the Monkey during the Friends reunion.

Well it turns out that it wasn’t just us who were disappointed, Marcel’s trainer has said that the Ross actor was “despicable” when he made those comments.

During season one of the sitcom, Ross had a pet monkey, but Schwimmer has since revealed that Marcel was terrible to work with and he would often eat bugs and then lick him straight after.

After these comments, animal handler Mike Morris told The Sun that Schwimmer was just jealous that the monkey got more laughs than his character.

Claiming the monkey has worked well with other actors and only ever had an issue with Schwimmer, Morris says that his comments are just simply not true.

Morris said that Schwimmer claimed in the 90s that Marcel would try to bite him and throw poop at him, but Mike is adamant that none of this ever happened.


He said: “They didn’t do any of that. None of it is true, when I was there none of that ever happened.”

He said that he doesn’t agree with any of his comments, and that if anything, Schwimmer threw off the monkey’s timing.

According to Morris, Schwimmer was fine with the monkeys on set, but “turned on them” when they started getting more laughs than him.

“People would laugh at the monkey and I think he got jealous because it wasn’t him getting the laughs.

“He seemed to get a little bitter about them being there after that.”

Adding that a colleague also noticed the same thing, and it frustrated Schwimmer not to be the centre of the scene.

Morris noted that one of the monkeys who played Marcel actually died from cancer last year, and pointed out that through his comments that Schwimmer was “talking ill of the dead.”

Seems like a he said, monkey said situation to us.