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21st Oct 2018

Love reality TV? 5 reasons you should be watching UnReal

Keeley Ryan

Because who doesn’t love a bit of reality TV?

It’s been one of the most entertaining forms of television for the last few decades.

From The Real World to Big Brother and The Bachelor to The X Factor, there’s been no shortage of ways that the genre has kept going over the years.

But there hasn’t been anything that has really lifted what goes on behind the scenes (in a very dramatised way) – until UnReal.

The show – created by a former field producer on The Bachelor – follows Rachel, a producer on a dating show called Everlasting. 

Together, she and the show’s executive producer Quinn King, stop at nothing to try and create drama – and a high-rating show.

So, here’s five reasons you should be watching UnReal. 

Drama, drama and oh – more drama

As with any show that follows a dating reality TV competition, there’s plenty of drama in UnReal. 

Only this time, it’s all kicking off behind the scenes rather than in front of the camera.

Yeah, there’s the so-called catfights and rivalry between the contestants on Everlasting – but it’s watching the producers ruthlessly manipulate the characters’ struggles that really causes the tension.

All in the name of good TV ratings, naturally.

The acting

Shiri Appleby manages to make Rachel Goldberg, one of the producers on Everlasting, someone you want to root for – kind of.

Yes, she’s got a talent for manipulating the Everlasting contestants for the benefit of higher ratings.

And her time with the faux reality dating show has been pretty rocky (including an on-camera breakdown that comes back to haunt her).

But being so good at her job ends up sending Rachel into a tailspin – and you can’t help but rooting for her.

The relationships

The are-they-or-aren’t they relationships between the characters are almost as fascinating as the on-screen drama.

While some of the twists near the start of the series may be a bit predictable, you will still be wondering who the suitors will be giving their next diamond bracelet (in replacement of a rose) to.

But it’s not just the Everlasting contestants who get caught up in some seriously messy love triangles.

The suitors and the contestants

The first two seasons of Everlasting show both the suitors (aka: Bachelors) and the contestants are way more self-aware and smarter than they seem at first.

Every one of them has their own complex motivations for being on the show, from looking to put a spin on their career to cleaning up their image. Some are even looking for love (after all, it is a dating show).

They’re all playing to win, no matter what it takes, including making deals with the producers and playing mum the reality TV tropes.

And with the third season of Everlasting set to introduce the first female Everlasting suitor, things are set to heat up once again.

It will change the way you watch reality TV

UnReal is a dark and twisting look at behind-the-scenes of the reality TV industry.

Everlasting manages to make you think twice about the way what’s being shown on screen has been edited together to appear a certain way.

And while, yes, the antics going on behind the camera are drastically intensified (at least, we hope so), it also lifts the lid on what kind of scenes don’t air – and how the contestants are push dot fit into TV tropes.

The fictionalised version of the entertainment industry is equal parts entertaining and unnerving – which also makes it really addictive TV.