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27th Jan 2023

Love Island first look: The Hideaway is open tonight as Ron has something to tell Lana

Ellen Fitzpatrick


Love Island is back this evening and we finally get to see the return of the Hideaway – so get ready for some saucy scenes tonight.

As the evening antics begin, the Villa receives a text that reads: “Islanders, The Hideaway Retreat is open tonight, please choose a lucky couple to spend a luxury night away #NightAwayWithBae.”

There is a unanimous decision made by the islanders as to which couple will get to spend the night there, but who will it be?

And the Hideaway is more impressive than ever this year as it’s now complete with a plunge pool and candle lit terrace.

While all seems to be looking up for that couple, Ron now has to reveal something to Lana amid their budding romance.

Now in a couple with Ellie, he tells Lana: “I want to be respectful, but I also want to be selfish.”

Looking for more clarification, Lana asks: “What do you want to do?”

Ron replies: “Carry on with us… I don’t think she has a chance of swaying me.”

Ron continues: “I think I’m gonna do something mad and ‘dead it’ tonight. I just want to, I feel like we are too good. When I spend time with you there’s no way she’s ever going to touch this.”

Two of the newly formed couples are later invited to the Villa’s brand new treehouse for some 1-to-1 dates.

Admiring the stunning views from there and enjoying time alone, we’ll have to wait until the show airs to see who exactly gets the chance to do this and who is left on the terrace to watch.

That evening, the islanders play a game of dares but with a twist as each must pop a balloon in the sexiest way possible in order to unlock their dare.

Olivia gets dared to snog two of the islanders she finds most attractive, and it’s no surprise when she picks Tom and Spencer.

Spencer then is dared to snog the three girls he thinks are the sexiest in the Villa, choosing Tanyel, Lana and Olivia.

It’s Tom’s turn next as he is dared to pick three islander that would make up his perfect partner, and he goes for Olivia for face, Zara for body and Lana for personality.

The other dares we’ll see tonight include choosing which couples are the most and least compatible and who is most and least trustworthy – and that’s where the drama comes in.

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player.

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