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05th Aug 2021

Love Island fans think they’ve already sussed who’s been dumped

Ellen Fitzpatrick

They have it sussed… apparently.

It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions for the islanders on this year’s Love Island and that rollercoaster is about to hit a loop on tonight’s show.

After a surprise dumping last night, the public had been voting for their favourite couple, leaving three couples vulnerable and at risk of getting dumped.

Just before we were left on yet another cliffhanger, we were told that it’s up to the girls to pick which boy will be dumped and down to the boys to kick out a girl.

But fans of the series are convinced they’ve already figured out which of the boys will be heading home after tonight’s episode.

A one-time fan favourite, Hugo seems to be getting on a lot of people’s nerves since Casa Amor and fans think he’ll be the one the girls choose to dump tonight.

Every girl Hugo has gone for so far, he’s ended up friend zoning – or being friend zoned – and it’s becoming clear that this just won’t cut it when it comes to Love Island.

With Tyler, Hugo, Sam, Mary, Clarisse and Amy all left standing, two must go, and if Hugo isn’t picked, fans certainly want him to be.

One fan said on Twitter: “They need to keep Tyler. The drama needs to continueRelieved face HUGO YOUR TIME IS OVERDUEEE.”


A third said: “Operation HUGO has been successful. Well done everybody.”

And a fourth added: “Hugo better be packing his bags tonight cause His time is up.”

Another said: “If they save Hugo I’m never watching this show again because clearly they are addicted to sufferation.”

But we’ll have to wait until 9 pm tonight to see if Twitter is really full of fortune tellers.