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30th Nov 2021

Liveline listeners call for RTÉ’s new property show to be scrapped

Katy Brennan

Callers said the show was “horrific”.

Complaints were flying in to Joe Duffy’s Liveline show on Monday as people expressed their opinion about a new RTE show.

My Bungalow Bliss sees first-time homeowners pair up with top architects, such as Hugh Wallace, to redesign their “dark, damp and dated” properties.

Kicking off on Wednesday evening, the first episode will feature Davin and Niki and their “cold, dark and warren-like bungalow, which has been extended carelessly multiple times over the decades by the previous owners”.

And even though it hasn’t aired yet, there is much drama surrounding the show.

One caller named Patricia said she saw the ad for the programme during the Late Late Toy Show and was distraught as it was a massive insult to people who live in bungalows.

“I think someone needs to challenge this,” she said. “I’ve lived in a bungalow for 44 years. A ‘bog-standard bungalow’ is false.

“It’s horrific. The whole thing should be pulled off the air. It’s an insult to people who have built bungalows. It’s a load of cobblers and false advertising. It’s insensitive to people who do have bungalows.”

She added that she even had three walk-in showers in her “beautiful” bungalow.

Another caller said: “When I saw that ad, my blood boiled. The ‘catastrophe’ reference especially.”

While a third added: “I was offended by the term ‘bog standard’,” in reference to the advertisement.”

Many people then took to Twitter to criticise the callers on Liveline show

“If ever someone had little to be worrying about, it’s this woman on #Liveline complaining that her luxury bungalow has been insulted,” one person pointed out.

“The boomers on #Liveline gloating about the fabulous bungalows they built in the 70s from the Bungalow Bliss book on free land, using free labour cos their mates built them by hand. Is it any wonder they don’t understand what my generation and younger face in today’s Hellscape!?”  another said.