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01st Oct 2018

Kristen Bell revisits Gossip Girl and it’s like we’ve gone back in time

Olivia Hayes

XOXO, Gossip Girl.

It was one of our all-time favourite TV shows with us watching it on repeat during our teenage years – and for ages we pondered who Gossip Girl actually was.

It turned out to be *spoiler alert* Dan, which we can all agree was an absolute crap ending to an otherwise juicy story (and Serena still ended up marrying him, wtf).

To be honest, we were more excited to find out that the voice behind the infamous troll was Kristen Bell.

Every text that was sent to the Upper Eastsiders’ phones were voiced by Kristen – and she did a damn good job of it.

Well, Kristen revisited her Gossip Girl routes while appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers – however, there was a twist to her tales. This time she was reading out Donald Trump’s tweets – and they were strikingly like the way GG used to talk.

Reading out his words of ramblings, Seth was clearly delighted by it all.

You can watch the full segment here:

We think Kristen needs to do a voice over on all of Trump’s tweets to be honest…

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