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30th Sep 2018

Kanye West just changed his name… and his fans are a little shocked

Orlaith Condon

Wait, what?!

Kanye West has left fans surprised after announcing he’s changing his name.

Yes, the rapper took to Twitter this weekend to share the news with his followers that he would be going by a new name now.

“The being formally known as Kanye West,” the star said.

“I am YE.”

The star has since updated his username to simply ‘Ye’.

Yep, apparently we refer to the star as Ye now but fans say they won’t until he makes it official.

“Change your [handle] if you’re real,” wrote one follower.

However, others suspected it might have something to do with his appearance on Saturday Night Live and a skit he might have been working on as he was due to appear on the show just hours later.

Whatever the reason, it looks like Kanye, we mean Ye, is taking things in a new direction.

The rapper has been known by many names over the years – Yeezy, Yeezus and even called himself ‘God’ on occasion.

We don’t think the new title is likely to catch on anytime soon though, so place your bets now for when you think the star will revert back.