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29th Mar 2013

“Just Keep Swimming” – Ten Life Lessons We Learned From Finding Nemo

It’s not just a film about a lost little fish...

Sue Murphy

Arguably one of Pixar’s greatest achievements, Finding Nemo will get a re-release in 3D form in cinemas today. The heart-warming story about a Dad who never gave up looking for his son is more than just a kid’s movie however; there are very important life lessons in here.

1. Bad Things Happen

The beginning of Finding Nemo was like a baptism of fire, why did you have to kill his mom off so early? It was like reliving the Bambi affair all over again. But there was a moral to this, bad things happen, you learn how to deal with them.

2. Parents are Overprotective

Just like Marlin worries about Nemo, your parents will never stop worrying about you. That’s what makes them parents…

3. Sometimes, you shouldn’t listen to your friends

They may be cool, but they’re not always right…

4. Never touch the butt…

Do not touch the butt. Never.

5. Mine?

Unlike what the greedy seagulls believe, everything is not yours and you don’t have a right to it. They may have said this more subtly…

6. Fish are friends, not food.

Like Bruce said, we are not mindless eating machines.

7. I don’t know if I know what they know they are, but when I know, they’ll know, you know?

Crush was right. Sometimes, you just have to let things go…

8. Brushing your teeth is really important

Do you really want to end up like this guy in the dentist with fish watching on, commenting on your terrible teeth and horrible operation? 

9. Your Dad will never give up on you…

If he has to, your Dad will take on three sharks to find you. Just like Marlin. Well, maybe not actual sharks but… You get the point.

10. Just Keep Swimming

The most important life lesson Nemo taught us was whenever life gets you down, you just have to keep swimming. Just keep swimming…