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21st Jan 2019

Ja Rule claims he too was ‘bamboozled’ and ‘hood winked’ by Fyre Festival organisers

Sure, Ja.

Ja Rule has claimed that he was also scammed by the organisers of Fyre festival.

The event, which was ‘run’ by the rapper and business partner Billy McFarland in 2017, has received even more flack this week than it did when it originally happened as new details about the chaotic festival emerge.

Two new documentaries from Netflix and Hulu showed how the festival sold thousands of tickets to millennials, promising them stunning villa accommodation, exclusive access to influencers, and a swim on pig island during their stay on what was advertised as “Pablo Escobar’s island.”

In reality, Fyre festival took place on one of the Exuma islands, nowhere near a beach, with a load of hurricane tents for accommodation and cold slices of cheese on toast for dinner.

The event was probably the biggest scam the rich millennials of the US had ever faced, as hundreds of them spent the night out of their minds of tequila, stealing mattresses, and battling the harsh Bahamas elements before they could eventually get back on their “luxury private jets” (standard planes) home.

McFarland was (spoilers) eventually prosecuted for fraud and is currently serving a six year sentence for his crimes, but someone who didn’t seem to feel much of the ramifications of the festival was Ja Rule.

Business partner to Billy and very much involved for the entirety of the festival’s planning, Ja wasn’t interviewed for either of the Fyre documentaries, but has taken to Twitter to maintain his innocence regardless.

The rapper claimed that he too was “… hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hood winked, lead astray!!!” during the planning of the catastrophic event.

He said that he hasn’t been prosecuted because “it wasn’t me who scammed ppl Sherlock” and claimed that it was simply his vision that was “fucked up.”

Sure, Ja.

Fyre Fraud and FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened are now streaming on Hulu and Netflix respectively.