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24th Apr 2015

It’s Official! ‘Fast And Furious 8’ Confirmed For April 2017

Vin Diesel confirmed the news.


Fast and Furious 7 is currently a smash hit at the box office and it’s now been confirmed that the next film in the franchise will be released in April 2017.

Vin Diesel revealed the news when he took to the stage at CinemaCon on Thursday and already rumours that it will be set in New York and that Kurt Russell will have a much bigger role are swirling.


Diesel thanked fans for their support adding, “Furious 8 will be yours to share with the world on April 14, 2017.”

Fast and Furious 7 is the seventh biggest grossing film of all time at the worldwide box office and it looks like the franchise’s success is set to continue with this latest news.

Video via YouTube/Fast & Furious