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11th Apr 2019

The trailer for Netflix’s new show Chambers is here and it’s creepy as all hell

Landing on Netflix later this month.

Anna O'Rourke

“Something far more strange and fucked up than you were expecting.”

If you’ve ever been gripped by the thought that an organ transplant could have deeper implications than simply saving a life, you’ll love the premise of Netflix’s new show Chambers.

Sasha is an ordinary teenager who suffers a heart attack and is saved by a heart transplant from Becky Lefevre, a teenage prom queen from a well-to-do family who lost her life in a tragic accident.

At first, Sasha and her family are grateful to Becky’s grieving parents and promise to honour their daughter’s legacy but things quickly turn sour.

Becky’s mother Nancy carves out a relationship with Sasha, which leads to a shocking discovery.

Her father Ben, meanwhile, is something of a new age healer who runs a mysterious spiritual centre, giving off just as creepy a vibe as his wife.

All the while, Sasha starts to feel as though she took on more than Becky’s heart.

She experiences disturbing visions and gets the sense that there was more to Becky’s death than what she was told.

As she gets closer to the truth, she begins to take on the characteristics of the dead girl.

The show was created by Leah Rachel, whose description of it has made us even more excited for it than the trailer.

“Taking place in a mystic, New Age pocket of Arizona, Chambers is a psychological horror story that explores the different ways we metabolise trauma.

“But what starts out as a grounded human story eventually pivots into something far more strange and fucked up than you were expecting.”

Newcomer Sivan Alyra Rose plays the central character of Sasha but going by the trailer, Uma Thurman and Tony Goldwyn are set to steal the show as the terrifying Nancy and Ben Lefevre.

Chambers lands on Netflix on Friday 26 April.