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22nd Jun 2023

Irish viewers report major difficulty when watching last night’s Love Island

Love Island fans ran into difficulty when tuning into the show last night.

Viewers were left confused when trying to watch the show on Virgin Media Player as they were told the show could not be played.

The series was broadcast on Virgin Media Two rather than Virgin Media One over the last few days due to the Nations League finals, with many choosing to watch it on the player instead.

Many were left frustrated when they turned to the player as it displayed an error message saying Virgin Media was unable to air the reality show due to “international licences”.

Viewers were welcomed with a message that read: “Apologies, due to international licenses and online restrictions we are unable to stream this programme.”

With many people confused by the message, they took to Twitter to share their frustrations and to see if this was happening to others in Ireland.

One person wrote: “Virgin media player nasty as hell for blocking love island out of nowhere.”

Another said: “Virgin media player not showing #LoveIsland anymore ohhh when I catch whoever is responsible.”

A third said: “Love Island isn’t working on the virgin media player I’m going to combust.”

While a fourth added: “is that a joke? wtf is wrong w virgin media player.”

And a fifth penned: “Virgin media player not streaming Love Island anymore ah what.”

While there was a temporary outage on the player, the show was still available to be watched on Virgin Media Two, and many later reported that their devices had begun displaying the show once again on the player.