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21st Jun 2021

Inside Scoop: James Kavanagh and Rob Kenny go head-to-head in our Big Gay Quiz

Brought to you by The Handmade Soap Company 

It’s Pride month – the most delightful month of the year.

Although this year’s Pride is once again going to be a little bit different, that doesn’t mean that we can’t still mark the occasion in style – and what better way to celebrate than hosting our very own Big Gay Quiz?

On this week’s special Pride edition of Inside Scoop, Cassie Stokes and Rob Kenny are joined by none other than influencer extraordinaire, James Kavanagh.

Surrounded by stunning flowers from New Moon Blooms, Rob and Cassie give the Inside Scoop on Pride month in Ireland – what to do, where to go, and of course, where to eat.

It’s also very apt that Ireland’s kindest brand, The Handmade Soap Company, are the sponsors of this week’s Pride episode. The mantra of The Handmade Soap Company is that ‘kindness comes naturally’. They believe kindness is a superpower with the potential to change the world.

Everything they do stems from kindness. Kindness to the planet, kindness to our skin, and kindness to each other. Their products are made up of only the most beautiful, natural ingredients. Founder Donagh Quigley always says: “If you don’t understand the label, don’t put it near your body”.

All of their products are sustainable, hand-poured here in Ireland, and smell absolutely divine too – so if you’re looking for a new centre piece for your outdoor Pride gathering this month, you know the suss.

Joined by bonafide gay icons Christina Aguilera and Princess Diana – who absolutely would have been best friends in real life, by the way – the guys also take part in a Big Gay Quiz try to determine the age old question – who is gayer?

Do you know when Dublin’s George Bar first opened its doors? Or when Ireland’s first Pride parade was held? Or the lyrics to Robyn’s undisputed gay anthem ‘Dancing On My Own?’

If you do, you’re probably pretty gay. Fair play.

You can check out the full episode of our Inside Scoop Pride special below:

There will be no Pride parade this year, but that doesn’t mean that our LGBTQ friends and family can’t mark the occasion by attending other smaller events across the country.

Activist Tonie Walsh will be hosting a queer history walking tour across Dublin towards the end of the month, and the National Library’s exhibition of Christopher Robson’s work exploring LGBTQI identity in Ireland will be continuing throughout June and the rest of the year.

Or, you can celebrate alongside James and simply crack open a crisp bottle of rosé. Divine.

Brought to you by The Handmade Soap Company