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06th Nov 2017

The most hated character in Fifty Shades is back and… it’s scary

The final trailer for the movie has just been released

Olivia Hayes

It’s getting interesting.

For months now Fifty Shades has been dropping trailers for Fifty Shades Freed.

And while it mostly centres around Christian and Ana’s wedding, this one is a little bit more dramatic.

From looking at it, it seems like the honeymoon might end quite quickly as a few people from their past begin to pop up.

And one that causes immense havoc is Ana’s former boss, Jack.

Image result for jack fifty shades gif

Yes, that creep.

In the end of Fifty Shades Darker, we see Jack overlooking the skyline with a very vengeful look on his face, which gave us a major sense of foreboding.

And we were right, because in the new trailer, we see him threatening Ana.

There’s also one or two other threats to the relationship, including Christian’s former lover, Elena and an architect who is getting mighty close to the businessman.

If you thought the two previous movies were dramatic, it looks like this one is going up a notch.