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25th Jul 2016

This guy has created a custom iPhone case that makes Pokemon Go easier

This is really clever

Tom Victor

Sure, it’s not *technically* cheating, but that’s mostly because Pokemon Go has no firm set of rules. It’s like the fucking Wild West out there, and it’s every man for himself.

At least we assume that’s the line of thinking that inspired Jon Cleaver to create an iPhone case which makes it substantially easier to catch wild Pokemon.

The 3D-printed case is essentially a hi-tech equivalent of that little slide you give to kids when they go bowling. It has a thumb-width slider to make sure your digit doesn’t slide off to the right or left while trying to catch ’em all.

Gizmodo reports that the design only works for the iPhone 6 at present, but Cleaver has been kind enough to share the design specifications for anyone who wants to try making their own.

Cleaver, who is based in Canberra, Australia according to his Twitter profile, has dubbed his creation the ‘Pokeball aimer’.

Included on his page is one of our favourite ever endorsements – Cleaver quoting himself as saying “yes! it actually works.”

So, as long as you have a 3D printer, an iPhone 6 and no moral compass when it comes to Pokemon Go, you’re in luck.