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15th May 2018

The Greatest Showman is becoming a Broadway musical and we need a second

The greatest news!

While movie critics might struggle to find a good word to say about The Greatest Showman, the movie struck a chord with audiences and became a huge box-office smash.

Yes, after its release in December, the movie made more than €1million every week until March and held tough in box offices around the globe well into April.

Well, it’s due to that success that a Broadway show is now reportedly in the works.

According to reports in The Sun, a musical adaption of the hugely popular show is in the works with news of the movie moving to the stage a hot topic of conversation for those at the Cannes Film Festival.

The soundtrack to the movie continues to hang on in the charts, six months after its release so no doubt the appetite is there for a stage adaptation.

And while many held out hope that news of a sequel would be announced, it looks like the producers are focussing fully on making a Broadway show the next step.

Keale Settle, the woman who voiced the anthem This Is Me, was a Broadway star in her own right before starring in the movie with many expecting her to join the cast if a musical does indeed happen.

And they haven’t ruled out the chances of Hugh Jackson reprising his role as P.T. Barnum on Broadway either.

You can bet those tickets will be expensive… start saving now.