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10th Dec 2018

A Game Of Thrones exhibition is opening in Ireland next year and we’re there

Jade Hayden

Winter is coming… To Belfast.

Just kidding, it’s pretty much been there anyway due to the amount of the show that’s been filmed in Northern Ireland.

But whatever, an official Game Of Thrones exhibition opening up is still a pretty big deal and everybody’s going to go so let’s just go with it.

The immersive and interactive exhibition will be running in the Titanic Exhibition Centre from April 11 – September 1, 2019 which isn’t really all that long so you’d want to bag yourself a few tickets ASAP if you’re planning on heading up to this.

The exhibition includes costumes, props and settings from all seven seasons of the enormously popular HBO show, as well as the chance to walk around some of the stunning landscapes of the North and Kingsroad.

There are worse ways to spend a couple of hours, in fairness.

Currently in Oberhausen, Germany, the exhibition has traveled all around Europe landing in places like Paris and Barcelona since it first kicked off last year.

This is the first time the exhibition has come to the UK and Ireland, and even though we’ve had our fair share of GOT experiences (it’s literally filmed up the road), you wouldn’t say no to one more.