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28th Jun 2022

Friends fans shook after finding out Joey’s agent played another character

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Did you know this?

At this rate, any Friends fans have seen the sitcom countless times, and we’ve probably all thought we’ve spotted every single little detail there is to see.

But there’s one thing everybody seems to be shocked by.

Remember Estelle, Joey’s chain-smoking acting agent? Well, it turns out that she actually played two roles in the show and one was very early on.

Actress June Gable, who played the iconic side character, also played a nurse in the first season.

In the episode The One With The Birth, Carol and Ross. welcome their son Ben, and it’s an episode that we’ve all come to know and love.

Gable looks completely unrecognisable in the episode as she plays a red-headed nurse, completely different to Estelle’s blonde beehive.

Friends fans are in utter shock at this discovery and have taken to Twitter (where else?) to make their feelings known.

One person wrote: “That moment when you realise the actress who plays Estelle in friends also played the nurse in season 1 episode 23.”

While another said: “I was today years old when i found out the nurse that helps deliver ben in friends is also estelle joeys agent.”

A third wrote: “Well! Just watched the episode of #Friends where Ben is born, and the attending nurse is played by June Gable who also played Joey’s agent, Estelle! I now need a prize for spotting this.”

As a fourth added: “Just noticed that June Gable, who played the role of Estelle Leonard (Joey’s agent), appeared in season 1 as a nurse when Carol was giving birth to Ben.”

Can’t believe we ever missed this one.