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29th Sep 2021

Friends fans convinced they’ve figured out who Phoebe’s ‘imaginary’ roommate really is

Who is she?

Chandler had Joey, Monica had Rachel, Ross had Marcel, but when it came to Phoebe’s roommate on Friends, we never once got to see her.

Friends fans are convinced that they have just figured out exactly who Phoebe’s supposedly “imaginary” roommate Denise is.

During season six, Phoebe revealed that she was living with a girl called Denise, which seemed to shock viewers and the rest of the gang.

Seeming like she made it up to avoid Rachel moving in, Phoebe said: “I talk about her all the time… DENISE!”

While the friends and all of us at home assumed it was a lie, fans think they have figured out exactly who Denise is and that she’s been real all this time, with a photo emerging of a third bridesmaid at Phoebe’s wedding.

During Phoebe’s outdoor wedding where everyone was forced to wear big puffy coats to stay warm, standing alongside Monica and Rachel is another girl, and the only answer is it must be Denise.

One fan wrote on Reddit: “Omggggg lol I never noticed this.”

Another said: “Thought it was just her imagination lol.”

A third shocked fan wrote: “Denise omg she’s real.”

While it could be Denise, one fan pointed out that it could be Mike’s sister too, pointing out that Phoebe mentioned Mike had a sister when she was invited to a party the night David returned from Minsk.

One user said: “Phoebe mentions having to go to a party hosted by Mike’s sister and she’s dreading it- it’s the episode where she meets David again before barbados.”

Other fans think it may be Betty, a character that showed up at Phoebe’s birthday party back in season one.

And while Betty and this mystery bridesmaid don’t look all that similar, their appearances were 10 years apart, so it’s anyone’s guess as she’s not credited as a cast member.