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24th Feb 2020

Finn Tapp and Paige Turley are crowned our 2020 Love Island winners

Ladies and gents, our winners!

Denise Curtin

Folks, we’ve reached the end.

On today’s Love Island podcast we’re discussing our WINNERS, our thoughts on the final result and what’s next for the Islanders!

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The winners take it all.

A massive congratulations to Finn Tapp and Paige Turley who were crowned our 2020 Love Island winners during last night’s final show.

During the final episode we saw Paige decide to split the £50,000 winnings with Finn after she chose the “correct” envelope which meant she could either split the money or run away with it.

But it came as no surprise that Paige wanted to share her prize with Finn, who officially became boyfriend and girlfriend a month into the series.

Smitten as can be, 20-year-old Finn broke down during the final episode when speaking about Paige explaining how he never expected love like her to come along – it was safe to say there wasn’t a dry eye watching on.

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Speaking to Laura Whitmore after winning the show, Finn reiterated why he believed Paige was the one

“I loved how outgoing she was. I wasn’t wrong in picking her because I thought she’d make me laugh and smile all day long. She’s made me very happy.”

Paige also spoke about what her Love Island experience has meant to her during a previous episode saying:

“It’s been such an amazing experience. It’s been filled with challenges, but it’s been amazing.”

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Also making it to the final four couples, we saw Siannise and Luke T come in second place while Luke M and Demi came third with Jess and Ched coming in fourth place.

During the finale, Whitmore confirmed the show would return to Mallorca for a new series this summer.

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