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03rd Mar 2021

We finally know the plots of missing It’s A Sin episodes

Can’t believe we didn’t get to see this.

It’s A Sin has been one of the most popular shows of 2021 so far, with both critical and fan acclaim (even Elton John has been singing its praises).

The show, which consists of five episodes, was originally supposed to be eight episodes long with the final three episodes showing the characters lives in the future.

With all of us feeling that the series was far too short of course we’ve all been wondering what the plots of those missing three episodes were.

Recently the show’s creator, Russell T Davies, revealed what he had planned for those last three episodes to show where the characters of It’s A Sin ended up in the future decades.

Davies explained  during an interview with AIDS activist, Ruth Coker Burks, that the show was meant to have a final episode that would follow Jill, now 55, in her search for the Tozer family’s secrets.

Davies went on to say that the final episode also would brought back an older Roscoe.

Speaking about what we would have found out about Roscoe, Davies said;

“He would’ve been one of those men who contract HIV in middle age. You know, 50 years old and he’s got the virus having escaped it all those years.”

Davies wanted to create these final episodes as a reminder that AIDS isn’t just something that happened to people in the 1980s, but that it still exists today.

“I’ve always [being] wary about talking about it [the AIDS epidemic] in the past tense. There’s still an awful lot of people who don’t get tested and still an awful lot of prejudice.”

With It’s A Sin receiving such fanfare since it’s release it’s got us wondering if Channel 4 will bring Davies back to do a second season based off the unused episodes which will let us see all of the characters in the future.