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24th Sep 2017

Fergie says this actor taught her how to kiss on camera

'He was just so great!'

Orlaith Condon

We wish we could say the same.

Fergie has revealed that she used to find on-screen kisses an incredibly nerve-wracking experience.

However, she now admits there was one actor who taught her how to have to perfect on-camera kiss and made her feel a whole lot less nervous as well.

Enter Milo Ventimiglia.

“It was super fun shooting that video because I got to have some of the fun that Josh gets to have in his movies,” Fergie told Entertainment Tonight of her estranged husband.

“Of course I was totally nervous about the whole thing. I didn’t know how to make out for the camera.”

Fergie was, of course, referring to the Big Girls Don’t Cry music video which she co-starred alongside the Gilmore Girls alumn who she said held her hand the whole way through the process.

“I just had to tell him, like, ‘Please help me with this.’

“’I wanna just try to be in the moment if you could help me. I don’t wanna be thinking about where’s the light and where’s the camera because I’ll just completely be hidden under hair.’”

The romantic video features many kisses between the pair, however, Fergie said by the time it came to shooting she was a pro thanks to Milo’s excellent tutelage.

“He was just so great!”

Fergie, like many of us, is now a huge fan of Milo’s latest show This Is Us and says she’s just happy to see him doing so well.

“It’s such an amazing show!

“It’s so great to see Milo on the show. He’s such a great actor and really such a great guy.”