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06th Jan 2023

Faye Winter says Love Island social media ban is “necessary”

Sarah McKenna Barry

“All because narrow minded people genuinely believe they can judge, torment and bully others.”

Faye Winter, who competed on the 2021 season of Love Island has shared her reaction to the new rule, which freezes contestants’ social media accounts while they’re competing.

The change was announced last week, and its aim is to prevent islanders’ friends or family from gathering support while they’re in the villa, or from building their brand. It also means that the contestants’ friends and family won’t have to deal with nasty comments and online abuse.

Speaking on the new rule, Dr Matthew Gould, a psychologist who consults on the show, said: “The bold decision to pause Islanders’ social media activity during the new series is testament to ITV’s serious intent, especially as this input provides both a benefit to the appeal of the programme and a potential source of mental health problems.”

The contestants will also receive guidance and training around mutually respective behaviour in relationships following thousands of complaints earlier this year.

Days after this announcement, Faye has shared her opinion on the new rule.

Answering a fan Q&A, she said that it was “sad” that such a rule has to exist, but acknowledged it as “necessary”.

When asked if she wished her social media account was frozen while she was competing, Faye said: “For the welfare of my family and friends ABSOLUTELY but I do think what a bloody shame.”

She went on: “All because narrow minded people genuinely believe they can judge, torment and bully others based of a 45 minute show which is highly edited and each person probably gets 8 minutes of airtime.

“Sad when you think about it but absolutely necessary to protect there innocent darling heads – people will moan and it will be those that caused it. In the famous words of all parents, you only have yourselves to blame you big knuckle heads.”

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