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07th Feb 2018

Too far? Kendall Jenner’s latest dig at Sofia Richie hasn’t gone down well

The model’s latest pop at Scott Disick’s new girlfriend has fans divided.

Last month, Kendall Jenner drew the attention of Instagram followers when she commented on a picture of Scott Disick and his new girlfriend, Sofia Richie.

Yes, the model appeared to have made a dig at the new couple that has a 15-year age gap when a fan site posted a picture of Scott and Sofia and his children with the caption, “It’s good to see them together”, to which Kendall responded, “Awww, Scott and his kids.”

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Well, the 22-year-old seems to have taken another pop at Sofia in one of her latest Instagram posts.

A few weeks ago, Sofia shared a picture from her childhood of her posing alongside her horse, Dragon, who passed away. She said:

“RIP to my beautiful Dragon. Spent some of my happiest moments with this guy.”

Rip to my beautiful dragon. Spent some of my happiest moments with this guy?

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This week, Kendall has taken to Instagram to share a picture of her new horse who’s called, you guessed it, Dragon.

“My new baby Dragon,” reads the caption on the post.

my new baby dragon ?

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Yep, as you can imagine followers of the pair have made the connection and are assuming that this is a brutal dig at Scott’s new girlfriend.

“I hope this isn’t the childish and heartless dig it looks to be,” wrote one fan.

“This is really disrespectful, I understand you thrive on drama but her pet passed away. Where is your class?” asked another.