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20th Aug 2021

Fans think Liberty and Jake have left the villa together

What’s going to happen?

Last night’s Love Island was devastating to watch, with fans everywhere desperate to jump through their screens and give Liberty a hug.

After seeing Kaz and Tyler off on their date, Liberty took a moment out by herself and broke down in tears.

Thankfully, it wasn’t long until Faye found her, and Liberty shared how she was really feeling.

The 20 year-old expressed that she doesn’t believe Jake is attracted to her for who she really is, and that she feels she can’t be her true self around him.

Later, Jake pulled Liberty aside for a chat, and Liberty explained how she feels like he puts her down, and that she no longer thinks they’re right for each other.

Hearts all around the country were breaking for Liberty, who later told Faye that she didn’t find love, she found “self-love”.

Viewers were subsequently perplexed by the first look at tonight’s episode. In it, it appears Jake and Lib head off on their final date – a boat ride – before coming back to the villa to make an announcement.

The camera then pans to Millie’s shocked face.

On social media, fans were quick to offer theories over what their news could be.

Some thought that they may have decided to leave the island at that stage, a move which would allow the other couples to progress to the final four.

One fan wrote: “Who reckons Liberty and Jake are going to decide to leave tomorrow together as friends and leave everyone else to the final?”

Another said: “What do you people reckon has happened to Jake and Liberty? I reckon they have left the villa.”

Others were less convinced, with some worrying they have reconciled.

A few eagle-eyed fans noticed that in the preview it appears Liberty is wearing the bracelet Jake gave her.

Whatever their fate is, one thing’s for sure. We’ll definitely be tuning in tonight to get the full scoop.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media and on the Virgin Media Player.