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11th Sep 2018

A famous face is reportedly set to star in this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert

It's looking good!

Denise Curtin

We might not be halfway through September yet but obviously, we’re already thinking about Christmas.

And it’s never really Christmas without two things. Firstly, Xmas FM and secondly, the John Lewis Christmas advert. The advert which is usually released in November of each year is a Christmas highlight for many and this year it’s set to feature a famous face.

Yes, according to the Mail On Sunday, this year’s ad will feature none other than Sir Elton John. The 71-year-old music icon will reportedly feature in the advert which will tell the story of his life to the sound of his hit 1970’s track, “Your Song”.

The star has also reportedly spent the past four days filming in London, where he is expected to get a £5 million payday for his work in the advert.

A source revealed to the publication:

“John Lewis wanted to win the battle of the Christmas adverts this year and it has cost them a significant sum to do it, but they think having Elton on board will guarantee its popularity and blow Marks & Spencer out of the water.

“It’s a tear-jerker but also very sweet, and follows Elton from a child, through his teenage years, into how he is today.”

A spokesperson for John Lewis also commented on the speculation saying:

“We are lucky enough to enjoy lots of speculation around our TV ads, much of which is wildly inaccurate, and our one rule is to never comment on any aspect simply because we want to keep the magic.”

It’s not a yes, it’s not a no.

Whoever and whatever it features, we not it’ll be a cracker.

Here’s the 2016 and 2017 advert to get you excited.



We cannot wait. Keep your peepers peeled around early November when the ad will be released.