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06th Mar 2023

Everyone’s a Kai and Sanam stan after the couple remains drama-free on Love Island

A pair of icons.

Love Island viewers have been praising Kai and Sanam over the last few episodes of the series after the two clearly are staying out of all the drama.

While the rest of the villa became invested in all the drama surrounding Ron, fans noticed Kai and Sanam had stayed as far as possible from it.

Last night’s episode saw Ron confronting Shaq after it had been suggested that Ron only asked Lana to be his girlfriend when he had established everyone liked her.

Denying it, Ron said he didn’t want to “plant a seed in Lana’s head.”

Later at the firepit, Kai, Sanam, Tom and Samie chatted to Ron as he said: “When I was a viewer, I thought, the ones who have their drama nice and early and then get comfy and treat it like a holiday, they’re the ones who are probably like, they just cruise.

“I can see why people probably thought, ‘Oh Lana and Ron are just cruising through.’ I’m not bothered by any of that. As I know I’m not, otherwise I never would have made her my girlfriend, it means too much to me.”


Fans noticed that Kai and Sanam didn’t say much during the conversation, while Tom and Samie assumed he had said this to win the show.

Tom told the boys: “Last night, Ron basically came out and said his game plan. He said the couples who do well on Love Island are the ones that get all the drama out of the way at the start and then cruise at the end.”

During all the drama that unfolded after, fans took to Twitter to note how Kai and Sanam had kept entirely to themselves the entire time.

One person said: “I just wanna point out we haven’t seen any Kai/Sanam today because they’re unproblematic icons.”

Another wrote: “Kai & Sanam deserved a better season. Imagine being around people who are constantly bitching and causing drama. It’s no surprise they’re always hidden away in a corner somewhere.”

A third said: “#LoveIsland has shown us the true colours of every couple. The ONLY couple that isn’t being two-faced, sly, gossiping, or gameplaying is… Kai & Sanam. They’re ALWAYS worried about themselves. The should win.”

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