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01st Mar 2018

Everyone is loving this news anchor blooper from TV3 News

Very good.

Denise Curtin


Storm Emma has really taken the nation by surprise, so much so, it is leaving people literally speechless. And in Ireland, we seem to make a habit out of focusing on the hilarious moments on Irish TV when people just “can’t cope” with the weather change.

We had Theresa Manion advising “NO UNNECESSARY journeys”, we had the RTÉ man who slipped and cracked his ass off the ice, and so far during Storm Emma, we have had the serious bread shortage situation and now this gas lad reminding us of the “three f’s” during the storm, which ehhh he can’t even remember himself.

Well we know food is one, fluids is another and “fffffffffoood” is a third? Too funny.

On a serious note though, what is the third thing people are stocking up? Your country needs to know.

Fudge? Freeze Pops? Fizzy drinks? Who knows, one thing is for sure, we do love a good blooper!