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23rd Jul 2018

Emotional scenes in Corrie this week as Kevin Webster deals with son losing his foot

kevin webster

There’ll be some emotional scenes for Coronation Street this week as Kevin Webster has to deal with his son’s amputation.

Kevin was told Jack was going to lose his foot after the boy contracted sepsis following a grazed knee when he was out playing.

Sister Sophie sent Jack to school assuming that his feeling ill would pass. However, Jack then collapsed and was brought to hospital where it was revealed that he was suffering from the blood poisoning disease.

This week, Kevin and Sophie will have a meeting with Jack’s doctor where they will consider the prospect of the seven-year-old having a prosthetic foot.

The doctor tells Kevin that his son will be sent to a rehabilitation facility in Liverpool after a prosthetics specialist meets with him in the hospital.

Kevin doesn’t exactly take the news well, saying that he thinks it’s too soon for Jack to be thinking about prosthetics when the boy just had his operation not long ago.

Sophie, however, says that she wants to be there for moral support – but Kevin tells her to stay away from the meeting, saying it should be just him and his son.

Kevin clearly still hasn’t forgiven Sophie for being left in charge of Jack when his infection began developing.

Jack had told Sophie he didn’t feel well after he grazed his knee, but she told him to go to school anyway saying he’d feel better – a decision which, in fairness, shouldn’t have caused such turmoil for the family.

Coronation Street continues tonight at 7.30pm and 8.30pm.