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22nd Nov 2018

Emmerdale star drops a huge hint that Joe Tate is still alive

Keeley Ryan

Wait, what?

Emmerdale fans were devastated last month when Joe Tate was seemingly killed by Graham Foster.

Despite actor Ned Porteous confirming his time in the village had come to an end, many fans remain convinced that Graham wouldn’t have been able to go through with killing Joe – and that the character will return any day now.

Since it hasn’t been explicitly confirmed on screen yet, we suppose anything is possible.

And now Emmerdale’s Andrew Scarborough, who plays Graham, has added even more fuel to the fire with his latest comments.

He said [via Metro]:

“That would be wonderful [if Joe was alive]. Graham treated Joe like his own son, and I don’t think Graham would be able to kill him…”

Joe’s kind-of-maybe murder has been having a huge effect on Graham in recent weeks – which could have a huge impact for the likes of Cain and Debbie.

Andrew continued:

“Graham is on the brink of exploding and wants to tell Debbie everything, but he doesn’t. He’s drinking and finding it increasingly difficult to keep a lid on it, but knows he must.

“What he does say is that Debbie’s dad Cain knows more than she realises. It’s Graham’s way of deflecting and transferring – he wants someone else to feel what he’s feeling.”