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12th Jul 2015

Eastenders Legend Shane Richie To Leave The Show?!

Albert Square just wouldn't be the same.

Cathy Donohue

Rumours are swirling this weekend and it seems that one of our favourite soap characters might be about to leave for pastures new.

Eastenders fans will know that Shane Richie and Jessie Wallace, who play popular couple Alfie and Kat, recently left the main show to work on a spin-off series.

However, as Shane has been given the opportunity to pursue other projects, he reportedly sees the potential for a career away from Albert Square.

alfie and kat
Kate and Alfie are one of soap’s most-loved couples

According to The Mirror, a source revealed Shane’s feelings on the subject, saying: “He has really enjoyed going off and working on other acting projects, and if he wants to go, there’s nothing the BBC can do to stop him”.

A BBC spokesperson dismissed the rumours as hearsay saying that the soap has already “lined up” a date for Alfie’s return.

That said, this isn’t the first report that Shane is ready to leave the soap and we will be keeping a close eye for any further developments.