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10th Nov 2018

EastEnders fans were seriously unimpressed with Linda last night

Keeley Ryan

Has everyone in #EastEnders suddenly come down with a case of the stupids?”

EastEnders fans were furious with Linda Carter last night after she appeared to turn her back on her husband, Mick, forever.

The Queen Vic landlord was wrongly sent to prison for shooting Stuart Highway (when, in fact, Stuart shot himself and framed Mick). Linda has now blocked all methods of communication with her husband and become much closer to Stuart – much to the disgust of her family and viewers at home.

And things came to a head in last night’s episode, as Linda kicked Tina out of the Queen Vic…and appeared to move Stuart in.

Linda continued to stand by Stuart when Tina confronted her in the pub, telling her that she knew Mick better than anyone – and that if he spent the next ten years in prison, she couldn’t care less.

Linda took Mick’s framed football shirt, smashing it outside of the Queen Vic, before asking Stuart in to help her get rid of the rest of his things. As the tensions continued to rise, Tina, Halfway and Whitney left – only to find Tina’s things outside when they returned.

Tina found out that Stuart was making himself at home upstairs and tried to storm her way upstairs, but Linda threatened her with violence. Floored by Linda’s behaviour, Tina found herself thrown out of the pub – and the rest of the family questioning Linda’s actions further.

Fans were divided over Linda’s latest move, with many of them branding her “evil” and wondering if she had “lost it”.

Others suspected that Linda is actually setting a trap to get Stuart to confess the truth about the shooting.