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09th Mar 2018

EastEnders actor hints he could make a big return to Albert Square

Keeley Ryan

Emmerdale star

First Kat Moon, and now…

Shane Richie has hinted that fans could see him back in EastEnders – as his wife is “desperate” for him to return.

The 53-year-old actor was last seen on EastEnders in January 2016, before moving to the Ireland-based spin-off Redwater, which aired last year.

The series followed the fan favourite on-screen couple as they searched Kat’s long lost son.

But the fates of both characters were hanging in the balance in the season finale, with Kat involved in a  boat accident and Alfie being hospitalised with a brain tumour.

It was confirmed late last year that Jessie Wallace would return to the BBC One soap as Kat, leading many fans to hope that Richie would follow suit.

The actor recently confirmed that he’s keen to get back to the square as his wife “wants to get him out of the house.”

He told The Express: 

“My wife wants me to get back to work. She’s desperate for me to do [EastEnders] – so I will.

“I’ve had two years off and I think that was enough for me. I’m ready to go back if they’ll have me. It’s the best gig on TV.”

Christie agreed, adding:

“Yes, I’m going to make sure he does!”

We’ve got our fingers crossed that Kat’s confirmed return (and Alfie’s rumoured return) means good news for the Walford couple.