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21st Apr 2019

Derry Girls’ Saoirse-Monica Jackson was breathalysed by her mam outside a teen disco

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Saoirse-Monica Jackson has said she was once breathalysed by her mam outside a teen disco.

The Derry Girls actor said that she enjoys getting to play 15-year-old Erin Quinn because the role takes her back to her own youth – most notably, the times she used to sneak off to parties.

She told The Sunday Times that growing up between Donegal and Derry, she was rarely intentionally naughty, but she did get in trouble a lot.

“At home, I wanted my parents to realise I was so mature for my age that it was no problem for me to go to a Kanye West gig on my own in Belfast,” she said.

“My friends and I – the original Derry Girls – used to sneak out to bars all the time, but my parents would always find me, hand me a tracksuit and a jumper and just drag me out.

“My ma once breathalysed me outside a disco, which scarred me for life. It was a constant battle, which I’m now forever grateful for.”

Jackson, who now lives in London, said that she wishes she could still get away with things like she used to as a teenager.

Despite this, playing a teenager in the show has given her some of that innocence back.

“It felt very special to play a 15-year-old in Derry Girls and throw myself back to that carefree, confident sense of hope,” she said.

“When you’re a teenager, you’re experimenting with who you want to be, and as you get older you feel more pressurised, feel expectations, life comes into play.”

The second series of Derry Girls finished up a few weeks back, with Bill Clinton’s visit to the city ending the season on a hopeful note.

It was later announced that a third series of the wildly popular Channel 4 sitcom was in the works – not like anybody had any doubts about that anyway.

You can watch series one and two of Derry Girls on All4 now.