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02nd Jan 2020

The Derry Girls Bake Off episode was on last night and it was absolute carnage

“I’ve never made a cake before.”

As good enough a start to any baking show, clearly.

Last night, the Derry Girls Great British Bake Off was on.

It had all of the general components that tend to appear in GBBO, including Paul, Prue, a tent, and baking.

However, given that the majority of this episode’s contestants are proficient in acting and not actually that into baking, this was never going to be a regular instalment of Bake Off. 

This was going to be carnage. From the outset.

The episode kicked off pretty much how you’d expect an episode of GBBO to kick off.

The lads arrived down to the tent, they met the judges, they chatted about how much they wanted to win, what skills they possessed, and who their stiffest competition was.

And then almost immediately, things fell apart.

Saoirse Monica Jackson admitted to having never made a cake before. Dylan Llewellyn made something entirely inedible. Siobhán McSweeney destroyed the memory of her mother and father.

It was all going on – and it was all a total mess – and people ate it up.

The episode ended how nobody expected it to – with Saoirse actually going ahead and winning the entire thing despite never having baked a cake in her life.

Or so she said.

Either way, a well deserved victory in what was probably one of the most chaotic episodes of Bake Off to exist in this world.

And that’s including Baked Alaska-gate (also known as Bin-gate) from season five.

You can watch the Derry Girls Bake Off episode on All4 now.


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