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30th Oct 2017

David Walliam’s holiday snaps causes outrage among followers

'This is cruelty'.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge landed himself in hot water.

David Walliams was recently on holiday with his mum and has been taking to social media in recent days to share pictures from their trip.

However, one picture, in particular, has caused controversy among followers.

The picture in question is one of David swimming with and kissing a dolphin which he simply captioned:



A post shared by David Walliams (@dwalliams) on

The seemingly innocent post has caused debate to break out among fans, many of whom called the BGT judge’s actions “cruel”.

Followers referenced studies that have proven dolphins find swimming with people traumatic.

The study also revealed that it makes them less aware of danger, which puts them at higher risk when out in the wild.

“These beautiful creatures are stolen from their home and family, just because some people pay for this cruelty,” wrote one follower.

“Your dream is to swim with imprisoned animals? Hope that makes you feel good about yourself,” another commented.

David has yet to respond to any of the criticisms.