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24th Apr 2018

Christina Aguilera gave James Corden a voice lesson on Carpool Karaoke

Orlaith Condon

Say what you want – that girl’s got pipes!

Christina Aguilera is the latest star to get into the passenger seat with James Corden on Carpool Karaoke and she did not disappoint.

The singer often gets a bit of flack for her ‘over-the-top’ vocals but she left nobody denying her talent during this week’s instalment of the popular TV segment.

Belting her way through such classics as Fighter, Genie in a Bottle and Beautiful, Xtina proved just how good a vocalist she is in the nine-minute video that has already been watched by nearly half a million people.

Christina even managed to fit in a vocal lesson with James who was dying to learn how to achieve that raspy tone that she is well-known for.

And the pair weren’t alone either.

They were joined by a very special guest in the form of Melissa McCarthy who appeared just in time to recreate Redman’s rap verse from the hit Dirrty.

The video reminded us of two things – how many absolute bangers Christina has in her back catalogue and how bloody talented she is too.