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04th Dec 2023

Catherine O’Hara reveals which line in ‘Home Alone’ she struggled to say to Macaulay Culkin

Jody Coffey

Catherine O'Hara & Macaulay Culkin

Over the weekend, Macaulay Culkin was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Anyone who adores the movie ‘Home Alone’, will likely already know which line actress Catherine O’Hara may have had difficulty saying to her on-screen son, Macaulay Culkin.

The two starred alongside one another in the Christmas classic as mother and son, Kate and Kevin McCallister.

Culkin’s character, Kevin, is left behind at home over the holidays when his family accidentally leave for Paris without him – however, the night before, some harsh words are exchanged between the mum and son.

When young Kevin is sent to the attic to sleep as punishment, he is told by his mum that she doesn’t want to see him ‘for the rest of the night’, with Kevin sharply responding: “I don’t want to see you again for the rest of my life, and I don’t want to see anybody else, either.”

Kate then tells her son: “I hope you don’t mean that – you’d feel pretty sad if you woke up tomorrow morning and you didn’t have a family.”

Credit: IMDb

The ‘Schitt’s Creek’ actress shared this memory while giving a speech about Culkin at a ceremony unveiling his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Friday (December 1st) – becoming the 2,765th star on the LA landmark.

“The scene where I had to drag him upstairs to sleep in the attic ’cause he’d misbehaved, he’s mouthing off about the family and I say, ‘Well, you’d be pretty sad if you woke up tomorrow morning and you had no family,’ and he says, ‘No, I wouldn’t.’ And I was supposed to say, ‘Then say it again – maybe it’ll happen.'” 

O’Hara continued: “I can’t tell you how much that killed me – I could not wrap my head around saying something so horrific to this beautiful child. Of course I was not yet a mother at the time and I had no idea the kind of things would come out of my own mouth with my own two sons.”

Credit: IMDb

In this emotional speech, O’Hara reflected on the major success of ‘Home Alone’, crediting this to Culkin’s performance, who was just 10 years old at the time of filming.

“This beautiful 10-year-old little boy was called a superstar, a moneymaker, one of the hottest leading young men in Hollywood by the world over. How does anyone survive that?” she asked.

“I believe you’d have to possess a certain quality, a gift, that dear John Hughes obviously recognised in you Macaulay, your sense of humour.”

“It’s a sign of intelligence in a child and a key to surviving life at any age. From what I see, you have brought that sense of sweet yet twisted, yet totally relatable, sense of humour to everything you have chosen to do since ‘Home Alone’.”

Credit: Getty

Hailing the 1990 film written by John Huges as a ‘beloved global sensation,’ she attributed its annual popularity to Culkin.

“‘Home Alone‘ was, is, and always will be a beloved global sensation. The reason families all over the world can’t let a year go by without watching and loving ‘Home Alone’ together is because of Macaulay Culkin. Yes, he had a most excellent script and a wonderful director.

“But it is Macaulay’s perfect performance as Kevin McCallister that gave us that little every boy on an extraordinary adventure.”

Looking to her ‘Home Alone’ co-star, she told him: “I know you worked really hard, I know you did, but you made acting look like the most natural thing in the world to do.

“It was really as if we’d ambushed this real little boy named Kevin to make a movie and he just went along with it for the fun of it.”