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10th Jun 2021

Brooklyn 99 cast members say an emotional goodbye ahead of the show’s final season

Ellen Fitzpatrick

It’s the end of an era!

We all knew this day would come, when Brooklyn 99 would finally come to an end, we were just hoping to wouldn’t be so soon.

The cast and crew of the hit sitcom officially finished filming the newest season today, which means the last season ever is done.

Melissa Fumero, who plays Amy Santiago on the show, broke the emotional news to fans on Instagram, sharing a tribute to her time on the show.

She wrote: “[Eight] years ago, @beezus218 walked me, @stephaniebeatriz & @chelsanity to get our pictures taken for our lot badges.”

“Something about that moment made everything really real – we actually made that pilot, it actually got picked up, we actually were about to shoot a whole season of this incredible show on this lot with this amazing cast that I was loving more and more each day.”

“Filled with so much excitement and nerves, Chelsea said something that made me laugh right as the photographer clicked the camera… and that moment was predicative of what the next 8 years would be like.”

“Each day was full of laughter, of excitement, of nerves, of confidence, of elated exhaustion, and of beautiful friendship and collaboration. #Brooklyn99.”

Fans were naturally very emotional in the comments, clearly not wanting their favourite show to come to an end.

Fans were left devastated back in 2018 when the show was cancelled by Fox after only five seasons, but NBC quickly came to their rescue and picked it up for more seasons.

While there hasn’t been given a definite reason as to why the show is ending this time, the creator has hinted that the main reason is that he wants to give it a proper send off just in case it is to get cancelled again in the future.

The upcoming season is set to deal with the social issues of today, with the police characters taking a look at their roles in society and expected to air in August of this year.