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22nd Mar 2021

The best theories and responses to Line of Duty Series 6 Episode 1

Line of Duty returned to our screens on Sunday night and just one episode into the series, fans have not been shy to share their theories

Mother of God.

Line of Duty returned to our screens for the first instalment of its sixth series on Sunday night, as AC-12 look to uncover the truth behind the dodgy investigation and subsequent arrest for the murder of a journalist Gail Vella, and there was lots to unpick.

Kate no longer works for AC-12 (or does she????), Steve is getting tired of it, Ted is being forced out, and that’s before we even get into the framing of Terry Boyle for this murder.

Let’s start with a glossary, shall we? There’s a lot of police jargon in Line of Duty and these acronym explanations will help you understand a lot more of what is going on.


Many people spotted a golf bag behind Superintendent Buckells, a possible hint at the identity of another ‘caddy’. Surely that’s too obvious?

With his thick midlands accent and similar appearance, many viewers highlighted that Joanne Davidson’s colleague in the interview room looked a carbon copy of DCI Matthew ‘Dot’ Cottan, who died at the end of series 3.

I mean, the only thing linking these two at the moment is their Scottishness, no? Seems a bit of a reach.

It might be worth rewatching the previous two seasons, or all five if you have time, before episode 2 comes out next weekend. There are a lot of loose ends to tie up and it’s difficult to keep track. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

Ok this is just ridiculous now.

We know how the show works now. Every series has a formula. Obviously Davidson is up to something. The question is why, and because of whom.

Well done to the eagle eyed viewers who spotted Kingsgate Printing Services, where the OGC operated from in the previous series.

Google searches for “chis” rose astronomically last night, as everyone watching tried to find out what the acronym CHIS stands for. It turns out its official meaning is Covert Human Intelligence Source, but the tall man from Pointless has another idea.

It feels inevitable that we will see Kate return to working with AC-12 this series, given her proximity to the subject of their inquiry, albeit probably not as an official part of the unit.

The most heartbreaking part of the first episode was seeing Terry Boyle once again exploited and framed for something he clearly did not do. To jog your memory, Jackie Laverty’s remains might still be in his freezer.

Remember the mouthy kid from series 1 on the BMX? The end of series 5 showed us that he has become a copper. Lord knows the chaos he’s going to cause in this series.

Possibly the greatest easter egg in the whole show, if you scan the QR code on the magazine cover featuring Gail Vella, it opens a real Google Doc containing this letter, expressing concerns over AC-12’s leadership. Try it, it works.

One step at a time, Steve. Solve this case first, then worry about who to play in the middle of England’s back three.