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11th Dec 2021

The best new Christmas movies to watch on Netflix now

‘Tis the season to hop on the couch and watch romcoms.

Every year in the run up to Christmas, Netflix drops an onslaught of festive films onto its platform. Some decent, some diabolical.

But there’s just something about shutting off your brain and escaping reality with a mindless Christmas movie, regardless of how good or bad it is – in fairness, that’s probably what they are made for.

We’ve chosen the best of this year’s lot for you to watch.

Love Hard 

Natalie Bauer (Nina Dobrev) is a dating column writer from Los Angeles who just can’t seem to find the right guy. That is, until she meets Josh via a dating app. Besotted, she decides to pay him a surprise visit for Christmas and flies all the way to Lake Placid, only to realise she’s been catfished.

Discovering that the real Josh does in fact live in that town, she decides to stay with her nerdy catfish to try and win him over.

It’s cheesy and heartwarming and has all the elements that make a good romcom, making it an enjoyable watch.

Single All The Way

Did someone say Jennifer Coolidge? I’m in.

Peter (Ugly Betty’s Michael Urie), really does not want to be “the single one” at Christmas and persuades his best friend Nick to accompany him home for Christmas and pretend to be his boyfriend. All of the routine hijinks ensue as the “will they won’t they” question lingers and Jennifer Coolidge belts out Whitney Houston songs.

It’s refreshing to see an LGBTQ+ take on the classic Christmas romcom movie that isn’t all about coming out. And even for that reason alone, its well worth a watch.

A Castle for Christmas

After a book scandal, a bestselling American author (Brooke Shields) runs away Scotland, to visit the tiny village where her grandfather had worked as groundskeeper at the estate of a beautiful castle. While there, she ends up falling in love with the castle, Dun Dunbar, and wants to buy it – but she must share the space with the super annoying duke who currently owns it. 

They are total opposites and completely get on each other’s nerves – who bets they’ll fall in love in Act three? This movie is just the right amount of heartwarming, and while it’s not exactly good, it does have a nice a message about how it’s never too late to turn your life around and begin a second chapter.

Other brand new festive films on Netflix include The Princess Switch 3 and Father Christmas is Back – the latter of which is so agonising to watch, it feels like days have passed as it drags on (we’d recommend avoiding at all costs).

What are you waiting for? Grab some hot chocolate and a fuzzy blanket and get ready to zone out.

Happy Christmas movie watching!