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08th Aug 2023

Audience member at Love Island reunion reveals what wasn’t shown to viewers


Who knew the audience members reactions were so muted?

While the majority of us tuned in for entire summer to watch Love Island, the reunion doesn’t always get the same love and attention.

On Sunday, Maya Jama welcomed back the Love Island Class of 2023 for a debrief on the summers antics, and let me just say; it did not disappoint.

One Reddit user, who was lucky enough to get a seat in the audience, took to the platform to spill some the tea that at-home viewers may have missed.

If you did watch on Sunday, you’ll have seen there were a few awkward and fiery moments and unexplainable commentary from some of the freshly graduated Islanders of season 10.

Well, we have Reddit’s @butterflymatcha to thank for clearing up some of it.

Zach Vs Kady

You may have witnessed or even heard that one moreGrafties awards was presented on the night to Molly Marsh and Kady McDermott in the “It’s Giving…” category. 

A clipped entitled: “It’s Giving… Meow” was shown of Molly pretty much thanking Whitney Adebayo for sending Kady and Ouzy packing at the beach club party when she and Lochan  Nowacki were faced with dumping a couple.

Let’s add some context.

Since Kady’s departure, she has been quite vocal about her thoughts on her fellow islanders and has appeared on a number of podcasts to voice them.

This led to former flames, Zachariah Noble and Kady, locking horns after the award was presented.

“Since leaving the villa, it’s very easy to see who’d been saying what and who’s being doing the most,” he told the room, before turning to his short-term fling and saying: “Our names are in your mouth.” 

Kady then proceeded to explain herself stating that was simply only answering questions put to her by podcast hosts.

Refusing to back down, the South-East Londoner said: “Your name isn’t in our mouth and I feel like I speak for the both of us when I say, ‘I wish you happiness and good health’.”

Things then got very awkward…

Kady, who has appeared on two stints of the reality TV show, shouted across the room: “Enjoy your 15 minutes!” before declaring that she doesn’t talk behind anyones back, only on podcasts.

Now, what wasn’t shown was the audiences reaction to this heated altercation. 

“People were going crazy when Zach confronted Kady,” the audience member shared, “afterwards, virtually everyone was chanting Zach’s name.”

However, during this exchange, Molly remained tightlipped.

“Everyone loves me”

Avid Love Island fans who watched the reunion would’ve heard Whitney shyly tell Maya that everyone loved her during her and Lochan’s segment (she’s not wrong, by the way).

While this is true, the response seemed to come out of nowhere, and I just assumed it was directed towards the love and support she received while in the villa online.

However, the Reddit user explained what the runner-up meant.

“Everyone in the audience was constantly screaming Whitney’s name and she would always turn around and wave or blow kisses,” they shared.

“During the breaks, people would chant ‘It’s Giving Bad B*tch’ or her lines from the talent show rap.”

It’s Giving Most Loved Islander Of All-Time.

Zach and Molly

While the 4th place finalists were all loved-up in their interview with Maya, the Reddit user who sat in the audience says that they seemed a little uncomfortable with PDA compared to when they were in the villa.

“When they were on the sofa before their interview, they barely touched each other until the camera started rolling and Zach would awkwardly put his hand on Molly,” they wrote.

However, they did advise that this should’t be read into as the couple looked “really good together” and maybe were “just over the whole thing.”

To be honest, if the ex of a man any of us were seeing was invited up to relive their shared embarrassment and painful experiences, we would be feeling uncomfortable too!

Speaking of PDA, according to the audience member, Whitney and Lochan looked the most “natural and comfortable” with each other.

Other Islanders that received lots of love from the audience included Abi Moores, Scott van-der-Sluis, Catherine Agbaje, and André Furtado.

Jess Harding, the Love Island Queen of 2023, is said to have also received support from fans in attendance, with the Reddit user stating, “Every time she spoke people were constantly cheering for her and reminding her that she deserved to win.”

Well, after reading this thread, I have one additional goal: attend all future Love Island reunions in person.