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04th Sep 2023

‘At Home with the Furys’ renewed for a second season despite backlash

At Home with the Furys has been viewed by millions of people.

At Home with the Furys has reportedly been renewed for a second season. According to reports, Netflix is bringing the popular series back for another installment, but some people are less than impressed.

Millions tuned into the series, but it was hit with waves of backlash over the way Tyson treats his wife Paris. Despite the online hate, Netflix is bringing the fly-on-the-wall show back.

Fans called the professional boxer out for mistreating his wife, but Paris won many fans over throughout the docu-series.

According to The Sun, the series was a “runaway hit” for the streaming giant.

The source shared: “Tyson’s show was a runaway hit for Netflix and they’ve been keen to get him to agree a second.

“Tyson had some reservations but has finally said he’d be up for inviting the cameras back into his life,” they said.

However, the series won’t air for quite some time because Paris is currently pregnant with her seventh child.

The source continued: “Paris is expecting their seventh child this month so it’ll be a while.”

Fans were quite surprised to see the series get renewed for a second season because Tyson Fury said he regretted letting the cameras into their personal lives.

At Home with the Furys is available on Netflix now.